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Linvisibile, historical brand which manufactures high quality doors of elevated design 100% made in Italy, is an expert on flush-to-wall doors and closing systems. Arising as the first ever trademark in Italy to manufacture flush to the wall doors and locking systems, this exclusive and patented “invisible system" eliminates the need for doorposts, frames or exposed hinges and provides a smooth opening motion. With a new direction and brand image completely renovated in the past years, Linvisibile has been developing fresh ideas within the essence of exclusivity and elegance. Our most sophisticated and tailor-made projects are developed at a high technological level to perform on the international scene, with a full-service support.

Linvisibile continuously works and finds inspiration from world-wide known designers to deliver tailor-made interior design pieces with their signature style. Our sales and distribution network covers all continents, countries and cities; in some of which we have partnerships for direct distribution.


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